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10th April 2011 ~ my very own day off ^^

I’d been working real hard, putting my blood, sweats and heart to get the blogshop up and running, and I am really glad to have supports from my beloved friends and families and LOVELY NEW CUSTOMERS that start buying from me :) At time, I do need a break to just do anything. I haven’t been really taking care of myself, been sleeping real late and restless. Every morning when I woke up, even after washing my face and dressing up, I looked like I’d been run over by a truck :S  

I need a small break and this weekend will be movies and shopping day ~ Yay! I went to The Curve yesterday,  I wore a pair jeans shorts with a simple and slight sheer T (ya, it is showing a little, just a little of my bra, but what the heck, the material is really comfy and that’s how I want my relax & lazy weekend to be :P haha).  Walking at the flea market, sight-seeing and browsing for new stuff and at the same time getting inspiration. I found some very nice tops and dresses that only fit petite girls, and I have just set a small goal to try to source the same type of clothes that would fit plus size :)

Later then I went to Ikano, and guess what surprise me?

Where I got this?
Answer: PADINI Concept Store at Ikano

How much is this?
Answer: RM10 (YES, it is RM10 ONLY for this gorgeous pair of shoes!)

This might be an end seasons, old stocks or could be the last pair that they simply just want to clear it. It is so cheap till I can’t believe what I see! I definitely don’t mind it to be off season as long as it is still in good condition and look gorgeous on me :)  I QUICKLY GRAB IT and it is now laying in my shoe rack and will wear it on Monday \^^/ Happee ~  There are still plenty more different types and design of shoes which is at RM10 as well, and lots of discount up to 70%, you might wanna check it out ya.

Oh ya, every Saturday has been declared as NO PLASTIC DAY. Imagine I’m walking in the mall with my hand swinging with a pair of shoe ^^

Cheers ~
Hugging Plus Size
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